Wood Carving, Sculpture and Relief Art


Jonathan The Bear Man
email: [email protected]
phone: (307) 886-9862
fax: (307) 886-1135
Jonathan's Studio
P.O. Box 1329
Afton, WY  83110

Welcome to Art By Jonathan. A specialist in wood carving, sculpture and relief art, Jonathan is a genuine outdoorsman with an incredible passion for his art. Here you'll find an overview of the scope of Jonathan's talent and experience, from home furnishings to famous sculptures and monuments, and much more.  You will also find a personal background and contact information so that you too can experience the Bearman's art.  The Bearman's philosophy is that pictures say a thousand words. So without further ado...

Click on any picture to enter the corresponding section of the gallery.  Be sure to check out artists Ann, Jesse and Josh (sons and daughter of Jonathan) who are already top selling artists in galleries in Jackson and other areas.

the heart of the bearman's work; bears in logs, life size, custom designs

Wildlife Sculptures and Carvings

eagle, moose, elk, and many more


entry art, address poles, signs


beds, benches, lamps
and much more

custom carved critter mantles, unique relief mantles

Feature Collections
a few of our famous collections;
more to come!

Fine Art

relief work; natural and full color


memorials and landmarks

Art by Jesse
custom wildlife carvings

Art by Ann
paintings, sculpture and relief

Art by Josh

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